I’m a school photographer and am so fortunate to have found MementoPix software for building composites. We photograph schools with thousands of students and used Photoshop in the past to make composites, but found it very difficult. The composites are usually 30×40 inches with oval photos of each senior at the school with their name below their photo. With one school we had over 600 students in the composite! Building the composite was tedious, but the most difficult part was when changes needed to be made. If a student was to be added, we’d have to rearrange every student in every row to squeeze someone in. Or if someone’s name was spelled wrong and they needed to switch orders with another student we’d have to redo everything.

MementoPix made building composites so much easier! All we have to do now is press a button and we can change the order of the student photos, change the layout, change the number of photos in each row, etc. We can add text, add blank space around the edges, etc. I believe this composite software has saved us 7 or 8 hours on every composite we create! Can’t recommend it enough!

Wayne St John
St John Photography
Pineville, North Carolina