Get 1 year of Memento Composite for only $350 usd

Tired of struggling with inadequate tools to make school and sports composites?
We have the solution for you!
Make any style of composite in a fraction of the time – wall posters, classroom sets, featured player team rosters… Memento Composite has you covered. Use jaw-dropping power tools to get images onto pages in a blink of an eye, then customize your composition to suit your client’s needs.
There is simply no software on the market that can out-perform Memento Composite – easy to learn, fun to use, beautiful results.
This offer ends on December 31st, 2020.

Follow these simple steps to receive 12 months of unlimited usage for only $350 usd:

  • Download and install Memento Composite on your Windows computer.
  • Click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner of the software to create an account.
  • Complete the form below and submit it.
  • Check your inbox for an invoice from MementoPix.
    Note: invoices will be issued in USD. Canadian residents: GST applies; Quebec residents: GST & PST applies.
  • Pay the invoice online.
    Note: This is a time limited offer – invoices issued will be cancelled in 7 days if payment is not received during the month.
  • Check your inbox – we’ll send you a receipt to let you know that your account has been activated.
  • Start enjoying 12 months of complete access to Memento Composite!


We cannot process your request until you create an account in the software itself.


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